Help to become open-source, anyone will be able to download our system and use freely.
Do not worry, if you are a normal PC user you will be able to create your own social network:
- with 5000 contributions anyone will be able to create your own network (including app) editable.
- with 10000 contributions the code will turn free for download, edit, use and reshare.

server have a great structure and use quality techs.

Our interface is original, projected for speed processing of data and functions with a fully responsive design and friendly. Our portable app for Android operational system uses the Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) of Google for send notifications sounds economizing battery and internet.

From it merged a much more easy way for develop GUIs, internet communications and to perform processment.
The project have becomes a true API fully responsive using only necessary, which will continue to expand and develop, made from scratch with betters languages.

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developed with quality techs.